The Person And Work of the Holy Spirit – Part 1

Key Verse: 1 Corinthians 3:16
Key Truth: Every Christian needs to know, Understand, appreciate, the person and work of the Holy Spirit in his life.
The Holy Spirit is not an abstract influence or just a powerful force. He is a divine Person and we need to reverence, respect, honor, and treat him as one.
The Holy Spirit is a Real Person.
He is not a white cloud.
He is not a mystical force.
He is not tongues.
He is not a white dove flying in the sky.
He is the Third Person of the GodHead.
Th bible opens and closes with the person and work of the Holy Spirit. Genesis 1:2, Revelations 22:17
The Personality Of the Holy Spirit:
John 14:16  When Jesus said “He will send another comforter”, Making reference to the person of the Holy spirit, that meant that Jesus Himself was a comforter,  helper,  paraklete. Jesus was saying, I will send someone to you, another comforter, someone just like ME!
1. The Holy Spirit was given the special responsibility of:
Taking the place of Jesus on Earth.
Revealing and showing Jesus to the World
Demonstrating and dong the works that Jesus did, (A continuation of His Ministry). Remember the Holy spirit could not have taken the place of the person of Jesus and relate personally to the disciples unless he was a living Person.
2. The Holy spirit had the qualities of a Person:
He has a mind – Romans 8:27
He has a will – 1 Cor 12:11
He has a emotions – Romans 15:30
He speaks-  Acts 13:2
He bears witness and testifies – John 15:26, Romans 8:16
He Instructs – Nehemiah 9:20
3. The Holy Spirit has feelings of a person:
He can be grieved – Ephesians 4:30
He can be insulted  -Hebrews 10:29
He can be lied to – Acts 5:3
He can be blasphemed – Matt 12:31<32
He Can be resisted  – Acts 7:51
He can be Vexed Isaiah 63:10
He can be quenched 1 Thessalonians 5:19