Kaleo Christian Fellowship
Kaleo Christian Fellowship
Passion for God, Compassion for People

Dynamic Teachings
By Dr. Russell A. Duley

He took on humanity to show us what 
serving is really about and got on His knees.  

He is God, the creator that created His creation.  He has humbled Himself, bowed down and submitted Himself to the creation that He created and He washed their feet. 

Am I a bondservant, which is a sheep or am I really a goat in sheep's clothing?  We can't tell the difference. Some of us wear sheep's outfits really good. The goat is it's own particular breed.  It has it's own attitude, mindset, nature and will.  When a goat in sheep's clothing tries to submit, it fights, argues, criticizes, complains, attacks and it will butt you here and butt you there.

God is not concerned about your calling, position, title, and not even your talent.  He's concerned about your character.  Are you a person of honesty and integrity?  Will you keep your word, submit to authority; will you be teachable, pliable; are you going to argue with people, fight with people and criticize, talk about people under your breath?

A servant's heart is open, teachable, pliable, full of humility and passion.  You may say that is not attractive, but God says it's the greatest price in the world.  It impresses God because it is all about character.

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